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πŸ”ž This game is intended for audiences ages 18 and over only! πŸ”ž

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In a world where the supernatural is commonplace and magic flows as freely as water, there reside heavenly beings, beasts, and demons who are as real and numerous as leaves on a tree. 

It's here, under the watch of Ana, the Mother Goddess, that demi-humans of a wondrous variety thrive. But the Mother Goddess' love is not unconditional! By Her decree, the inhabitants of the Otherworld are never to mingle with the mortals on the other side, except to perform their duties.

One such person, an angel whose name was erased from legends, violates this rule and is cast away from the Otherworld in mad fury. You play as this angel! 

You’ve turned into a futanari through a pact with a demon. Now you must struggle to survive in this unknown world. What will you learn about mortal life, and how will it change you...? Romance a unique trio of monster girls, including two other futanari!


  • 8+ hours of gameplay across all routes
  • 6 unique endings guided completely by player choice, including a secret ending
  • 15+ pieces of gorgeous character artwork "CGs"
  • 9 fully-voiced erotic scenes, covering a wide array of tastes
  • Partially-voiced story acting, including a voiced protagonist
  • "Harem" content for multiple love interests at once
  • An extraordinary setting inspired by Celtic mythology


This demo includes the first 30 minutes of the game, including 1 fully-voiced ero-scene. 

Meet three lovely romantic interests and enjoy the introductory storyline with them before deciding which tantalizing path you wish to follow in the full game…

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Demo for Android 334 MB
Demo for PC & Linux 329 MB
Demo for Mac 311 MB

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Hello to everyone reading this~ Just wanted to pop in and inform you that the game's development is going smoothly following the success of the Kickstarter! I'm very active on Twitter and in my Discord if you want to learn moreπŸ’•


False Advertisement

Might I ask what you mean by this? πŸ€”

The screenshots of the fiona and the snake lady, and fiona and the cat lady never happen in the game.


That's because this is a demo. They'll be in the full game when it comes out 😊


ight bet


Beautiful story, I wish the full version will release sooner hopefullyβ™‘

Thank you! πŸ’•

Seems promising just hope it's not just futaxfuta and that there well be futaxgirl


Thank you! There is futa x female content in the game πŸ‘


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I just finished the demo and wow! I'm looking forward to the future of this VN (and I joined your Patreon!). The artwork is great, and I found the premise and plot to be interesting and more engaging than many VNs I've come across... I particularly like how the reader is the main character, it really helps with the engagement.


Thank you so much! I'm glad you love it, and I'll work hard to make the full game live up to your expectations~ πŸ’•

Is this animated

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Not currently, but it's planned for the full version! πŸ˜Š

will there eventually be an option to play through without becoming a futa?


There will not be, sorry! Being a futanari is a fundamental part of the game and the main character. πŸ€”

I try to download this game, but during the load tells me '' The download failed 'or' 'is prohibited' if this is a problem I wish to fix it as soon as possible .. Thank you

Sorry you're having trouble! I would suggest talking to itch.io support about that, since I don't have any control over their download servers.

Damn, just missed the Kickstarter campaign.

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Oops! Thank you so much for being interested in the campaign, though. If you'd still like to support, Patreon is an alternative! β€οΈ


Is there more out? How do I get the rest for android? And how much?

The game is currently under development and finishing up its funding campaign on Kickstarter. Future updates will be made public after first going through the alpha/beta stage on Patreon!

I was wondering if it will be released for free when the game's done? Cause neither patreon nor kickstarter give me the option to pay with iDeal, which is the only payment method i work with >.>

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The game will not be free upon release. I'm sorry to hear they don't accept your payment method, that's gotta be frustrating. Does Steam accept it? I do hope to release the full game on Steam as well. Either way I appreciate your willingness to support the game πŸ’•


Oooooh, is steam an option too? That would be great!


Hello lovelies~ I've uploaded an updated Mac build. If you were having trouble opening the previous one, please re-download it & try again! Thanks πŸ’•


Hi everyone~ The next build (0.2a) is out! For now, it's Patron-exclusive, but there will be a release to the public in early August!


I can't wait to play the rest of it, it looks so promising and good n.n

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Thanks! πŸ’•


Gallery please (if there isn't one already) ^_^


There will be a gallery included in a future build! πŸ˜‰

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Hi everyone reading this~ Just wanted to let you know that I had to pause development for a few months, thus the lack of updates. But I'm back in action now! πŸ’•


Glad to hear very interested in how this one goes. Was waiting for the updates to come in again.  Cant wait to see how it progresses


I was just about to ask about that, glad its back!


Looking good so far.. :)

Thank you! 🌟

Hey, just started the game and am enjoying it so far, just wanted to point out a small bug. Effie seems to use the default MC name in dialogue. It took me a moment to realize who this Fiona person she kept mentioning was. 

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Thanks for playing!! πŸ’• Unfortunately that's a known little bug. It'll be patched out next time! I appreciate you letting me know.


I use Android. The download functions Perfectly. The Futanari are Phenomenally Wondrous. Artwork Exquisite. Story enthralling.

Thank you so much for all this praise! 🌟


You're Welcome. It's a damn good game. Hope you write another 30 Updates.


Honestly can't wait for next update. Demo was more than promising.

Thanks for an excellent game, with underused mythology to boot.

Thank you!  πŸ’•  I can't wait to release more content for everyone!


holy shit is this ever a beautiful and enticing game :D


Thank you so much! πŸ’•


Android version doesn't work.


What versions have you tried? There are 3, each one is meant for different types of Android devices~


woah, art is so good


Thank you! You can see more of her awesome work on her Twitter~


I love it so far...I can only hope the updates come soon, that being said I cannot wait to see more


Thank you!! πŸ’•